I cleaned up a few visual bugs in the beta and IDLdoc 3.6 is ready for release. Get the new version at the (releases)1 page of the GitHub IDLdoc wiki. Features are the same as listed for the beta:

  • Checks for updates when using the VERSION keyword.

  • Added Exelis VIS Doc Center output.

  • Provides links to IDL library routines referenced in rst markup code syntax.

  • HTML rst markup directive to include HTML directly into output (contributed by Phillip Bitzer).

  • Reporting only non-empty, non-comment lines in routines/files now.

  • Improved algorithm for computing cyclomatic complexity and also reporting modified cyclomatic complexity.

  • Updated to MathJax 2.0 and using the complete MathJax distribution for better LaTeX rendering.

  • Listing methods inherited from parent classes.

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

UPDATE 6/11/14: I released 3.6.1 adding some missing library routines in the .sav file. Download is on the same page.

  1. You can always get the latest version from the GitHub repo