I’m a software developer focusing on high-performance computing and visualization in scientific programming. I work mostly in IDL, but occasionally use C, CUDA, Python, bash scripting, etc.

I am currently a Software Engineer/Programmer at NCAR. I work on data from the Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) in the High Altitude Onservatory (HAO).

Previously, I was a Research Mathematician at Tech-X Corporation. My projects involved maintaining several commercial products (all IDL libraries):

  1. GPULib (GPU accelerated IDL code),
  2. FastDL (mpiDL and TaskDL, parallel processing from within IDL), and
  3. the Remote Data Toolkit (easy to use OPeNDAP and netCDF bindings).

I also maintain and develop several open source projects in IDL. The most used are:

  1. IDLdoc (a utility for generating documentation from IDL source code),
  2. mgunit (a unit testing framework for IDL), and
  3. rIDL (a enhanced command line interface to IDL).

A few years ago, I wrote a book, Modern IDL. It covers beginning through advanced topics in using IDL, including direct graphics, object-oriented programming, object graphics, and other techniques to get the most out of IDL. See the Modern IDL website website to purchase, read a sample chapter, download code examples, and more.

For more details about me, see my CV and resume.