When using the rst markup, IDLdoc has been able to lookup the names of routines, files, directories, keywords, etc. when referencing them using syntax like:

; :Returns:
;   Returns a string array for the names if `NAMES` keyword is set.

Here a link to the “NAMES” keyword is created automatically by IDLdoc. IDLdoc searches the namespace “around” the mention to determine what is given priority, i.e., look first for keywords and parameters of the given routine/method, then check for routines/methods in the current file, classes in the current file, the name of the current file, etc. expanding to include all the symbols defined in the hierarchy of files being documented.

New in the development version of IDLdoc is another check against the names of the IDL library routines, producing a link to the online help on exelisvis.com/docs. For example, the following comments would automatically link to CONGRID:

; Resize an image similarly to `CONGRID`. Advantage over `CONGRID` is
; that nearest neighbor interpolation is used even for multiple band
; images.

To get the development version of IDLdoc at any time, check the IDLdoc repo on GitHub.