I’m getting ready to release IDLdoc 3.5. This is mostly bug fixes and cleanup, but there is one nice new feature – prompt hiding. This allows the docs to show IDL prompts with commands and expected output in code snippets, but allows the user to hide the prompts and output by clicking “hide prompts”. This is great for copy-and-pasting an example to the command line (while still being able to check your output against the expected output)! For example, see the “Examples” section of the mg_n_smallest docs.

The complete list of fixes and features is:

  • Added list of inherited properties to class descriptions.
  • Provides workaround for possible bug in IDL where list object contains strange variables that report as the type code for object, but are not actually objects (they are pointers).
  • Fixed bug where Categories page showed private or hidden items.
  • Added hide/show prompts in code snippets in HTML output from rst markup comments.
  • Allow markup in Uses tag when using the rst markup parser. Note: the Uses tag is for a list of files or routines optionally separated by commas, plain text will have commas inserted between words.
  • Fixed errors in LaTeX output.

Download (source code link).