IDLdoc 3.4 was released today. This is mostly a bug fix version, but there is on big feature: LaTeX equation formatting. To use LaTeX equations in your docs, just use standard LaTeX syntax anywhere plain text is allowed. For example, here is an example of using an equation in the main description:

; Inverse hyperbolic cosine. Uses the formula:
; $$\text{acosh}(z) = \ln(z + \sqrt{z + 1} \sqrt{z - 1})$$
; :Returns:
;   float, double, complex, or double complex depending on the input
; :Params:
;   z : in, required, type=numeric
;     input

The equation should be typeset like (results depend on browser):

$$\text{acosh}(z) = \ln(z + \sqrt{z + 1} \sqrt{z – 1})$$

Inline equations are also allowed. Both can appear in the main description and inside most tags (anywhere comments are just copied over to the output).

Here are the full release notes:

  1. Allow LaTeX equation formatting.
  2. Fix for bug where links to routines, files, etc. in directory overview comments on the overview page were not correct.
  3. Adding links to parent items in index entries.
  4. Changes to HTML output styling including larger type size.
  5. Fixed bug where DLM contents could not be references using backtick notation<br />in rst markup syntax.
  6. Added private and hidden attributes to directory names in overview file.
  7. Not showing warnings page when USER keyword is set.
  8. Fixed bug where parsing rst Requires tag would cause IDLdoc to crash.
  9. Fixed bug where Warnings page showed items from private or hidden items.
  10. UPDATED 11/22: New color scheme.