IDLdoc 3.2 has been released! Head over to or automatically update with the Workbench update mechanism. What’s new in IDLdoc 3.2 follows:

  1. Added ability to create LaTeX output. Use the TEMPLATE_PREFIX keyword to the IDLDOC command to specify that the LaTeX templates should be used and the COMMENT_STYLE keyword to specify that markup in comments in the source code should be converted to LaTeX in the output:
idldoc, ..., template_prefix='latex-', comment_style='latex'

IDLdoc is now completely setup for users to generate documentation in any text-based format they want.

  1. Added ability to create documentation for DLM files. IDLdoc will automatically find .dlm files in the ROOT subdirectories and create documentation for them. No special comments in the .dlm file are necessary (or used).
  2. Added INDEX_LEVEL keyword to IDLDOC command to control the granularity of the index: 0 for no index; 1 for directories, classes, files, and routines; 2 for level 1 items plus parameters, keywords, fields, properties, and sav file variables
  3. Adds links to names of routines and classes found in the Uses section for routines and files.
  4. Added color output in the output log for errors and warnings if the COLOR_OUTPUTLOG keyword is set or if the MG_TERMISTTY routine is present and returns true.
  5. Miscellaneous small bug fixes.