I just released IDLdoc 3.1 (see full release notes are below). As per this short blog post, IDLdoc is getting integrated into the IDL Workbench. This release adds some rst markup features that the IDL Workbench will use – my favorite is to be able to link to images with:

.. image:: filename

IDLdoc will link to the image and also copy the image file into the output directory (if OUTPUT keyword to IDLDOC routine is used).

  1. Added ability to reference images in rst markup. IDLdoc will automatically copy referenced images into the output.
  2. In rst markup, illegal characters like < and > are automatically converted to character entities.
  3. Added :Description: tag for compatibility with IDL Workbench update.
  4. Changed default markup parser to rst when format parser is rst.
  5. Miscellaneous small bug fixes.