The svn trunk of IDLdoc has a new feature that I’m excited about: the ability to insert images without having to stick ugly HTML in your code header or copying an image manually into the output. This is part of the rst markup style (so it won’t work unless you set markup_style='rst' in your IDLdoc call or specify it via the “docformat” comment). My goal for the rst markup style is to eliminate any need to put HTML in the code header. I don’t think you should have to make the code header look ugly in order to make the documentation look good.

In the theme river code in the previous article, the header for the routine contains:

; This will produce a result like .. image:: themeriver.png

IDLdoc grabs themeriver.png (relative to the location of the source code file), copies it to the output, and replaces .. image:: themeriver.png with a link to the copy of the image (see output).

If you want to try this, you have to checkout the IDLdoc source code using Subversion:

svn co

Put the “src” directory of the checkout in your IDL path.