I’ve given up waiting for ITT VIS to release the source code of IDLdoc 2.0 and rewriting a new version from scratch. I intend to release the source code under a BSD-style license.

I’m using this as an opportunity to make IDLdoc 3.0 much cleaner than the old piecemeal code base of IDLdoc 2.0. I had already been writing many of the underlying libraries used such as array list, hash table, and template classes since I use them for other tasks, so I’ve got a good foundation to build upon.

I’m not sure of how long this will take since I’m doing it in my spare time, but check out a sneak peak of IDLdoc 3.0 output. There will be new features as well in this release: the biggest being several options on the format for comments (i.e. you won’t have to use the “@”-style tags).

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