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I installed Snow Leopard when it came out last Friday and have been using it exclusively since then. The only thing related to IDL that has been a problem for me so far has been that the IDL 6.4 Assistant (the old online help which I still use when working from the command line) requires Rosetta, which is no longer bundled by default with Snow Leopard. The install process rolls your X11 version back a bit and a Snow Leopard update is not available from [XQuartz]( yet, but I experienced no problems from this.

Overall, this was much smoother than Leopard, where it was months before everything was smoothly working again. After upgrading several applications that came out with Snow Leopard updates on Friday also, everything is now working as well as (and in several cases, better than) with Leopard.

UPDATE 9/13: We have had problems installing IDL 7.1 on Snow Leopard; the installer is evidently not Snow Leopard compatible.

UPDATE 9/21: Installing Rosetta should fix the IDL installer issue.

UPDATE 9/28: M. Katz [reports on comp.lang.idl-pvwave]( that IDL 7.1 is two times faster on Snow Leopard.

Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” is available for [pre-order](″) from for $29. One of the features of Snow Leopard, is [OpenCL](, basically a wrapper around CUDA which is emerging as a standard for writing GPU processing code.

I made a few changes to my [1RM]( Mac OS Dashboard widget. This computes a theoretical one-rep maximum given a weight and number of reps for the lift. This update brings full Leopard compatibility (the “Done” button on the back was screwed up a bit) and a tweak to the formula so that the 1RM of a lift done once will be the same as the weight.


Apple’s [science page]( has a collection of [Keynote templates]( They even have a [short video]( about using the templates. (OK, 3D marble bar graphs are probably not the best, but you were going to make your graphics in IDL and import them anyway, right?)

UPDATE 10/27/12: Apple seems to have removed templates, here is a [cache].

[cache]: “WWDC poster templates”

ITT VIS [announced]( an update for IDL on OS X today:

> A new update for IDL on Macintosh computers is now available. The IDL
> 7.0.4 release adds support for Macintosh Intel 64-bit architecture on OS
> X 10.5. IDL 7.0.4 also fixes two issues that impacted all supported
> Macintosh platforms: CR49844 – “Creation of Semaphores Fails under Mac OS
> X 10.5”, and CR51198/CR51412 – “CURSOR/RDPIX Procedures not Working
> Correctly on OS X”.

[Download](, [full release notes](

[X11 2.3.1]( addresses X11 issues in Mac OS X 10.5.5.

In general, keep your X11 updates around after installing them because you need to re-install it if you install OS or security updates through Apple’s Software Update.

Versions.appI just got the beta release of [Versions](, a Subversion front end for the Mac. I use the command line interface for Subversion for most of day-to-day work, but occasionally I like a visual interface to do comparisons, show timelines, etc. The Subclipse plugin for the Workbench works fairly well for this, but I don’t always have the Workbench running and it’s slow to start. Versions provides a very Mac-like experience to version control.

I didn’t see any mention of the price; I’m hoping they intend to make their money selling Subversion hosting at Beanstalk.

There’s an [XQuartz update]( Remember to keep the package around to re-install after doing updates from Software Update.

XQuartz has an [update]( for X11 on Mac. Remember to re-install this package after further updates to Mac OS X.

UPDATE: it’s been updated to []( already.

1. [[shell-fu]$]( lists handy, or just plain cool, Unix shell commands. You can learn some shell scripting through the great examples on this site.
2. [FlowingData]( is giving away a copy of Tufte’s [The Visual Display of Quantitative Information]( To enter, post a comment on any new post on [FlowingData]( in the next ten days.
3. [Terminal tip]( to have all links open in tabs of a single Safari 3.1 window. This is one of the reasons I switched from Safari back to Firefox recently (the other being that the Firefox 3 betas have fixed the issues I was having with Firefox).

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