Category "iOS"

I updated my groceries list app, Quantified Groceries, today. It’s updated for recent phones and also now has a dark mode.

The release notes for 1.1.0:

  • [NEW] iPhone XS/XR screen size support
  • [NEW] Dark mode
  • [NEW] Haptic feedback (requires iPhone 7 or later)

Available on the iOS App Store.

I released a new version of my iOS app, Simple Checklist, today. Simple Checklist provides an easy way to track progress through checklists. I use them for my morning routine, weekly review, physical therapy, and other repeated sequences.

The release notes for 1.4.0:

  • [NEW] Dark mode
  • [NEW] iPhone X support
  • [NEW] Haptic feedback
  • [NEW] Markdown format for exported checklists
  • [FIX] Fixed order of exported checklist

Simple Checklist is available on the iOS App Store.

Simple Checklist