Category "mglib"

After spending awhile last Friday trying to vectorize a loop of a small matrix-vector multiplication for every pixel of an image, I gave up and decided to just write it as a DLM. For my image sizes of 1024 by 1024 pixels (actually two images of that size), the run time went from 3.15 seconds to 0.26 seconds on my MacBook Pro. That’s not a lot of time to save, but since we acquire imagery every 15 seconds, it was useful.

Check out analysis.c for source code. There are also unit tests showing how to use it.

To try to minimize administrative work for me (fighting spam, dealing with security, updating Trac, etc.) I’m moving all my libraries to GitHub: IDLdoc, mgunit, rIDL, and finally a complete personal library, mglib. These repos all have the same features that were available on my personal site: tickets (now called “issues”), wiki pages, and access code via version control (was Subversion, now is git). There are some nice, additional bells and whistles like the ability to download the current code as a zip file, social features, and lots more.

In particular, my personal library is now easily accessible and contains the old vis (now using the mg_ namespace instead of vis_), cmdline_tools, and dist_tools libraries as well as my other miscellaneous routines. I haven’t made formal releases of this library in the past, but I do use it for projects like IDLdoc and mgunit, which do have formal releases.