[FlowingData] rounds up his list of best visualization projects of 2016:

> Visualization continues its merging into the everyday — less standalone and more of a medium that blends with words. I think this is partially because of a concentration on mobile. There’s simply less visual space on a phone than there is a giant computer screen, so the visualization is stripped or split up into smaller pieces that are more easily digested while scrolling.

For example, the [Rhythm of Food] shows the popular food by time of year:

And if that is not enough for you, here’s a [roundup] of 2016 visualization roundups.

[FlowingData]: http://flowingdata.com/2016/12/29/best-data-visualization-projects-of-2016/ “Best Data Visualization Projects of 2016”

[Rhythm of Food]: http://rhythm-of-food.net/ “Rhythm of Food”

[roundup]: https://eagereyes.org/blog/2016/a-roundup-of-year-end-roundups “A Roundup of Year-End News Graphics Roundups”