[mgunit][repo] 1.5 has been released! New features include:

* Passing keywords to `MGUNIT` down to `MGutTestCase` subclasses.

* Reporting coverage of tested routines.

* Adding Cobertura output option.

* Allowing up to 8 arguments for substituting into `ASSERT` error message.

I am most excited with the reporting of code coverage in this version, making use of an IDL 8.4 feature. I gave an example of doing this in this [post].

You can [download] a distribution with a `.sav` file and documentation, or just access the [repo] as needed.

[repo]: https://github.com/mgalloy/mgunit/ “mgalloy/mgunit”
[download]: https://github.com/mgalloy/mgunit/wiki/Releases “mgunit releases”
[post]: http://michaelgalloy.com/2015/05/07/mgunit-unit-testing-in-idl.html “mgunit: unit testing in IDL”