mgunit 1.4.0 has been released! Download available on the Releases page. mgunit is an easy to use unit testing framework for IDL.

New in this release:

  • Checks for updates when using the VERSION keyword.
  • Fix for test cases with no valid tests.
  • Added RUNNERS keyword and allowed FILENAMES to accept a string array so that output can be send to multiple outputs

In particular, I’m excited about the idea of checking for updates (suggested at my recent mgunit talk, thanks Don!) and I’m adding the ability to check for updates to my projects. To check to see if there are updates, simply do:

IDL> mgunit, /version
mgunit 1.4.0
No updates available

Not too useful until I release the next version, in which case it will look like:

IDL> mgunit, /version
mgunit 1.4.0
Updates available: 1.5.0

Opinions on checking more aggressively, i.e., during normal running of tests? I have held up on that since it seems intrusive. I also have the ability in my updater code to list the features/bug fixes available in the new releases.