[mgunit] 1.4.0 has been released! Download available on the [Releases] page. mgunit is an easy to use unit testing framework for IDL.

New in this release:

* Checks for updates when using the `VERSION` keyword.

* Fix for test cases with no valid tests.

* Added `RUNNERS` keyword and allowed `FILENAMES` to accept a string array so that
output can be send to multiple outputs

In particular, I’m excited about the idea of checking for updates (suggested at my recent [mgunit talk], thanks Don!) and I’m adding the ability to check for updates to my projects. To check to see if there are updates, simply do:

IDL> mgunit, /version
mgunit 1.4.0
No updates available

Not too useful until I release the next version, in which case it will look like:

IDL> mgunit, /version
mgunit 1.4.0
Updates available: 1.5.0

Opinions on checking more aggressively, i.e., during normal running of tests? I have held up on that since it seems intrusive. I also have the ability in my updater code to list the features/bug fixes available in the new releases.

[mgunit]: https://github.com/mgalloy/mgunit “mgalloy/mglib”
[Releases]: https://github.com/mgalloy/mgunit/wiki/Releases “Releases – mgalloy/mgunit Wiki”
[mgunit talk]: http://michaelgalloy.com/2013/11/11/unit-testing-idl.html “mgunit: Unit testing with IDL”