The Tech-X website was redesigned this year with an emphasis on our VORPAL based products, moving FastDL off the website but FastDL is still maintained and sold. I added Windows support and had made a few smaller updates for TaskDL this year.


TaskDL is a task farming library for naturally (“embarrassingly”) parallel problems, such as processing a bunch of independent files on separate cores of a machine or multiple machines where there is little communication required between cores/machines.

For more information, see the TaskDL Users Guide.


mpiDL is a set of IDL bindings for the Message Passing Interface (MPI). It requires knowledge of MPI (I would consider this a “difficult” interface) to use, but can handle general problems requiring individual working units to communicate with each other to perform their tasks.

For more information, see the mpiDL Users Guide.

Contact me directly (or support at txcorp dot com) if you are interested!

Full disclosure: I am an employee of Tech-X and the product manager for FastDL.