Google is killing its web-based RSS reader, Google Reader, on July 1. While I don’t go directly to Reader to read my RSS feeds, I use iOS and OS X applications that sync via Reader and I read a lot of RSS feeds. It would be painful to have to sort through articles that I have already read every time I pick up a new device or login to a different machine, so I’m keen to find a good sync alternative.

TidBITS has a good review of the current state of Google Reader replacements:

The good news is that the developer community has come through, and there are now several compelling alternatives to Google Reader, though all are far from complete. And our previous favorite, Feedly, even has some new flair to share. I’ve sorted through the competition to find the best choices that work for multiple platforms, have third-party support, and, if possible, follow sustainable business models.

I’m going to give feedly a try; I have already imported my Reader feeds via their easy importing tool. The problem, for me, is that my RSS reader, Reeder, will not support feedly before the July 1 Reader cutoff, though it has been promised.

By the way, if you currently use Google Reader, make sure to download your current Reader feeds before July 1 and keep a copy until your system has totally shaken out.