Here is the abstract for my poster at AGU this year, “GPU accelerated curve fitting with IDL”:

Curve fitting is a common mathematical calculation done in all scientific areas. The Interactive Data Language (IDL) is also widely used in this community for data analysis and visualization. We are creating a general-purpose, GPU accelerated curve fitting library for use from within IDL.

We have developed GPULib, a library of routines in IDL for accelerating common scientific operations including arithmetic, FFTs, interpolation, and others. These routines are accelerated using modern GPUs using NVIDIA’s CUDA architecture. We will add curve fitting routines to the GPULib library suite, making curve fitting much faster.

In addition, library routines required for efficient curve fitting will also be generally useful to other users of GPULib. In particular, a GPU accelerated LAPACK implementation such as MAGMA is required for the Levenberg- Marquardt curve fitting and is commonly used in many other scientific computations. Furthermore, the ability to evaluate custom expressions at runtime necessary for specifying a function model will be useful for users in all areas.

I will be giving the poster on Wednesday December 5, 2012 at 1:40 to 6 pm (will probably be there more towards the beginning of that time), IN33A-1532. Download.