I have been using TextMate as my editor for local work on my Mac for several years now. I like TextMate (and contributed to the Ethan Gutmann’s IDL bundle for it); it is the most “Mac-like” editor I’ve found. But it definitely has some growing issues and has not been frequently updated over the years. MacroMates finally released the promised TextMate 2 alpha last December, but it lacked required features and development had been slow.

I thought last week’s announcement that TextMate 2 was being open sourced was the death knell for TextMate 2 and that I would need to look for a replacement editor like Chocolat or Sublime Text 2. But there have been many contributions to TextMate’s GitHub repo in the last two weeks – and new releases every day!

This is all to say that I have been working on an IDL bundle for TextMate 2, which I will put on GitHub shortly. It has very basic support for IDL syntax and there are plenty of bugs in it right now.