[envi 5 post]: http://idldatapoint.com/2012/05/17/an-envi-5-extension/ “An ENVI 5 extension”
[batch programs]: http://idldatapoint.com/2012/05/10/an-envi-5-batch-program/
[^1]: My next question would be is there a way to write an extension that works for both old and new versions of ENVI? I think so.

The IDL Data Point has a [post][envi 5 post] showing an example of using the new object-oriented interface for user functions in ENVI 5. Mark discussed [batch programs] in ENVI 5 last week.

I don’t look forward to rewriting old ENVI user functions, but the new interface does look much better than the clunky old ENVI programming interface. My biggest question is how well is it documented?[^1]