NASA is hosting a series of challenges relating to pulling information from its collection of over 100 terabytes of data stored in its planetary data system (PDS):

But, while rich in depth and breath, the PDS databases have developed in a disparate fashion over the years with different architectures and formats for different scientific needs; thereby making acquisition of data problematic!

So, NASA is holding a series of Challenges to generate some simply awesome ideas for mobile or web based applications that will appeal to general users, to search and display compelling facts about the data. Instead of just scientists, our audience will be the millions of school age students, their teachers and parents, game designers and general civilians of the world. We want to deliver this incredible data to users in a way that excites them – and thus, to help them understand the value and potential of this data.

Prizes range from $500 to $10,000, as well as being named “Space Coder of the Galaxy 2012”. Some contests are restricted to teachers or high school students.