Instead of just listening to me complain about Xcode 4.3 in Lion, I thought you might like some backgrounds for your iPhone. I have both lock screen and home screen versions. The images are subsets of the first image described in my entry to the ITT VIS User Group Meeting a couple years ago (and now appears at the top of this blog):

These images show a line-integral convolution (LIC) representation of the global NASA wind velocity data. The first image shows the LIC output, while the second and third images combine the LIC output with the Earth image in the IDL distribution. The fourth image shows the combination texture mapped on a sphere representing the Earth’s surface. Dark colors represent low velocity winds, lighter colors higher velocity winds. All aspects of the creation of the images were done in IDL. The code to compute the LIC was written in C and integrated with IDL using a DLM. The data access was done from NASA’s DAP server using OPeNDAP’s client IDL bindings (another DLM).


Images are retina sized, i.e., iPhone 4/4S only.