I’ve updated Modern IDL for some of the IDL 8.1 features, notably GRIB, function graphics enhancements[1], and the IDLffVideoWrite class. PDF purchasers from this point on should get the new version and I will send out the update to the purchasers of the old PDF shortly. The first run of the print book is all sold; the second run is still at the printers. So if you order the print version right now, expect the book to ship sometime next week.

As always, see the Modern IDL website for purchasing, new code examples, table of contents, sample chapter (object graphics with the new function graphics updates!), and errata.

  1. Also, I switch back to the term “function graphics”, which was my original favorite term for the new graphics system, but I had gone away from it because there seemed to be consensus on the newsgroup to call it “new graphics.” I think “function graphics” is a better term that is less likely to not make sense when the next graphics system comes out. ??