ITT VIS is hosting a [webinar]( at 2 pm (EDT) about the new features in IDL 8.1. Topics for discussion:

> 1. Data Visualization, including new Graphics routines and display features, new mapping features and an interface that exposes event handling in a Graphics window
> 2. File Access, including reading and writing GRIB/2 files, writing to KML/KMZ files and new set of tools for creating high-quality video output to popular movie formats using the open-source FFmpeg library
> 3. Mapping, including new GSHHS high-resolution coastlines, updated country boundaries and reprojection tools
> 4. Image Processing, with new routines and updates to functionality in existing routines
> 5. Development, with the Workbench including source control management plugins for CVS, Subversion, Git and Perforce

Make sure to [register]( beforehand, you have just under two hours.