Simple Quantum Visualizations using IDL by Rob Dimeo at the NIST Center for Neutron Research provides a nice gateway for a researcher to begin exploring visualizations in quantum mechanics:

This book is not intended to be used as a textbook in IDL programming or quantum mechanics. Rather it can be used as a supplement to a quantum mechanics course or even as a vehicle for a researcher to wade gently into IDL programming in a topic with which he/she is already familiar before embarking on a specific research application involving computing.

I wish a resource like this had been available when I was taking quantum mechanics. Visualizations provide another route to understanding, particularly when you have the source code for them, making it possible to explore your own modifications.

Simple Quantum Visualizations using IDL

A PDF of the book is available as a free download. Also, check out the other IDL resources available on Rob’s site, including two lengthy PDFs on application development in IDL with example code, as well some genetic algorithm code.