I’ve been using IDL on Windows recently and have really appreciated that there is now a command line version of IDL for Windows. It has all the command line switches that I normally use including the ability to pass command line arguments into IDL.

IDL command line on Windows

The Windows version of the command line, though, has the extras that appeared in first in Abraham Campbell’s code contrib download that originally provided a command line for IDL 7.0 on Windows. This adds a few more features than are provided in the UNIX command line:

  1. type a few letters and cycle through previous commands that began the same way by hitting TAB
  2. examine the command history using :h or a specific command with :h n where n is the number of a command in the :h n output
  3. create IDL_IDLBridge sessions and hop between them

See this document for additional explanation (I would just link to Abraham’s code contrib entry since it is still on the ITT VIS website, but I can’t figure out how to link to it).

Although I’m not a fan of using TAB for history (I would prefer TAB to do tab-completion), it would be nice to get some of these features for the UNIX command line.