I’ve released mgunit 1.0: get the source distribution or save file distribution. Also check out the project website to join the mgunit mailing list, read a short tutorial, check out development code from Subversion, etc.

Some features of the 1.0 release:

  1. Several test runners for outputting test results to various formats are available; output can be sent to stdout, log files, or html files. In addition, there is a GUI test runner that will show results and re-run tests with the push of a button (also recompiling tests before running them).
  2. Contains IDL Workbench templates for making it even faster to create new test cases/suites.
  3. Keywords to MGUNIT to retrieve the number of passing and failing tests.

Color output to the terminal window when possible.

Command line wrapper so that mgunit can be run from the UNIX command line (get the source distribution to use this ability).

This release also contains several bug fixes.