Before I release mgunit 1.0, I would like to get a some feedback. I am using this for all the testing of my projects, but I would like to make sure it is working for others’ use cases.

  1. Several test runners for outputting test results to various formats are available; output can be sent to stdout, log files, or html files. In addition, there is a GUI test runner that will show results and re-run tests with the push of a button (also recompiling tests before running them).
  2. Contains IDL Workbench templates for making it even faster to create new test cases/suites.
  3. Keywords to mgunit to retrieve the number of passing and failing tests.
  4. Color output to the terminal window when possible.

This release also contains several bug fixes.

I recommend getting the source distribution so that you don’t have to do a manual restore: source distribution and save file distribution.