I read the following blogs regularly (via RSS) and they usually have interesting examples that make me think a bit about the visualizations I’m currently involved in. All have a fairly low volume of posts, but that fits well with their content.

  1. Charts, Junk Charts, and Flowing Data all have a lot of great examples of practical visualization problems (with good and bad solutions).
  2. Visual Business Intelligence is Stephen Few’s blog. I heard his talk at IEEE Vis 2007. Dealing with the business community, he has a lot to say about bringing visualization to “less sophisticated” users (than the scientific visualization commnunity).
  3. EagerEyes is Robert Kosara’s blog, who I also saw at IEEE Vis 2007. He posts some interesting examples and evangelism of information visualization.
  4. Ask E.T. is a forum discussing topics of interest to Edward Tufte.
  5. Visuale contains some in-depth analysis of current information visualization topics.