The IDL 7.0 User’s Group Meeting was tonight. From the ITT VIS website:

Be the First to See the New IDL 7.0!!

Please join us for the IDL User Group Meeting & Reception co-sponsored by ITT Visual Information Solutions and the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics(LASP) on November 13, 2007. Hear from IDL engineers and professionals about how IDL 7.0 powers visualization and analysis a whole new way. Immediately following the seminar is a reception celebrating our 30 years of collaboration with the scientific community!

Since I was already using the beta version of IDL 7.0, the points I found most interesting from the presentations:

  1. ITT VIS promised a new openness in their plans.
  2. There are 150,000 seats of IDL. Mac use is up.
  3. There is a developer RSS feed.

Of course, the new IDLDE was demoed. I must say that I have enjoyed using the new DE.

It was great to meet some of you from the newsgroup in person! We should do this more often.