I upgraded to Leopard on Friday when it came out. (I admit it: I even stood in line and got a free T-shirt).

Mac OX 10.5 Leopard

I really like Leopard, but I couldn’t get widget programs in IDL 6.4 to work under it. The good news is that beta versions of IDL 7.0 seem to be just fine. Also, under Leopard, I end up with multiple X11 applications running when IDL (even 7.0) is running, so I’m not sure I have everything configured correctly (I can’t even find the system xinitrc anymore).

The best part of Leopard is that it seems to be so snappy. I have a fairly new Mac Book Pro so take it for what it’s worth, but everything seems to be much more responsive (I think Leopard makes better use of the graphics card and multiple code CPUs.).

UPDATE: It appears that using Tiger’s X11.app should fix it for now. Link.

UPDATE: ITT VIS has released a fix for this issue. See this tech tip. This works for me.