ITT Visual Information Solutions has released IDL 6.4. Bill Okubo has recorded a What’s New in IDL 6.4 webinar that gives a brief overview of the new features. (I’m hoping the new webinars are going to be in Flash like this one. In the past, I have been stopped by technical difficulties with WebEx.)

According to ITT VIS’s website, the beta testers’ top five features were:

  1. External server access, including HTTP, FTP, and OGC WMS/WCS
  2. OpenGL Shading Language
  3. Enhancements to iTools
  4. 24-bit True Color Z-Buffer
  5. Enhancements to image processing routines

I know I would have been very excited about the 24-bit Z-buffer a year or two ago, but I have migrated nearly all my graphics to object graphics by now. So far, the iTools enhancements have been the most useful for me, but I’m hoping to make use of the OpenGL Shading Language and HTTP access features.