Edward Tufte’s latest book, Beautiful Evidence can be pre-ordered from Amazon.com or directly from Tufte’s site. Not sure if it means anything, but Amazon says it will be available July 30 and Tufte’s site says May. Mine is on order from his website; I will be sure to post my thoughts once I get my hands on it.

Beautiful Evidence by Edward Tufte

The topics covered in the book have been discussion in the forums on Tufte’s website for the past few years. The Powerpoint chapter has also been available as a pamphlet for a few years. They are:

  1. Mapped Pictures: Images as Evidence and Explanation
  2. Sparklines: Intense, Simple, Word-Sized Graphics
  3. Links and Casual Arrows: Ambiguity in Action
  4. The Fundamental Principles of Analytical Design
  5. Corruption in Evidence Presentations: A Consumer’s Guide to Effects Without Causes, Cherry Picking, Overreaching, Chartjunk, and the Rage to Conclude
  6. The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within
  7. Sculpture Pedestals: Meaning, Practice, Depedestalization
  8. Language Sculptures

Tufte’s previous books include The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative and Envisioning Information. Every one has been a gem worth the 7-9 years that he has put into creating each one.