I have been adding a “notebooking” feature to rIDL (a more fully featured IDL command line replacement, see this post for an introduction to rIDL) which can save commands entered, the output log, and graphics created into a single HTML file, like this (shown in miniature on the right). The commands entered to produce this page are shown in ridl_notebook_demo.pro.


The goal for notebooking is to be able to quickly produce a log of input and output (both text and graphics) in a single file in a visually appealing manner. This notebook should be able to be published in some manner easily (hence HTML output). Notebooks could easily be created demonstrating how to perform some action and showing the expected output.

All that is required are the notebook and :save_graphic rIDL magic commands:

rIDL> :notebook output.html
rIDL> restore, filepath('globalwinds.dat', subdir=['examples','data'])
rIDL> s = streamline(u, v, x, y, rgb_table=3, auto_color=1, $
..... x_streamparticles=50, y_streamparticles=50, $
..... arrow_size=0., font_size=11)
rIDL> :save_graphic

The :save_graphic command currently works for saving the current new graphic, iTool, or direct graphics window.

rIDL is still only available from the subversion repo:

$ svn co http://svn.idldev.com/ridl/trunk ridl

It should build on Mac OS X “fairly easily” (requires installing GNU readline) and on Linux with a bit more work.