The first goal for my rIDL project was to completely emulate of all of command line IDL’s functionality. Once that is implemented, then extra cool stuff can be added. I’m getting close this goal (of course, I couldn’t help myself and there is some extra cool stuff in there already).

I have addressed two items where rIDL was not up to IDL’s standards:

  1. events were not handled properly when running widget programs
  2. commands were not saved between sessions

I still need to allow setting preferences with a command line switch when starting IDL as in:

$ idl -IDL_QUIET 1

There are plenty of small things that are not quite exactly the same, e.g., rIDL does not check the IDL_RBUF_PERSIST preference yet, is just assumes that you want the command history to persist between sessions. It will take some time to sort all these out (and even to discover what they are).

The code is not ready for a formal release yet. But those interested in poking around can get the code with Subversion:

svn co

It should build on Mac OS X (but you have to build GNU Readline first), but you are on your own on other platforms. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, etc. let me know!