Bill Okubo, product manager for IDL at ITT VIS, gave an overview of the roadmap for the next few versions of IDL at the VISualize 2009 meeting in Washington, DC last week.

IDL roadmap

I’ll list the highlights from my perspective below, but I believe Bill’s presentation should be available from the ITT VIS website soon (here’s the link to the shorter presentation given last fall at the IDL User Group meeting in Boulder). For IDL 7.1:

  1. 24-bit color PostScript in direct graphics
  2. command line for Windows
  3. multibyte text support for object graphics
  4. iTools procedural API
  5. interactive opening of data files from Workbench
  6. drag and drop visualizations
  7. plugin update site wizard
  8. enchancements to Workbench project build process
  9. new image processing filters for noise reduction and image restoration

Beyond IDL 7.1 (see the diagram above for when these are planned for release):

  1. modern interactive graphics
  2. modern language features (associative arrays, lists, operator overloading)
  3. modern UI toolkit
  4. “Workflow Solution to visually drive user defined workflows” (I believe this is integrating tools to do common tasks into the Workbench)

So what would you like to see in IDL?

I’m hoping to post more about the seminar over the next few days.