The [ColorBrewer]( color tables were designed to provide better color tables than the standard rainbow-type color tables (the rainbow color table is not a very good general color table because, as Tufte points out, “the mind’s eye does not readily give an order to ROYGBIV”). There is a nice Flash interface on the web to explore them. But what if you want to use them in IDL?

[Here]( are the color tables in a `.tbl` file, usable with the `FILE` keyword in `LOADCT` or `XLOADCT`. For example:

IDL> loadct, 2, file=’brewer.tbl’
% LOADCT: Loading table BrBG (Diverging)

There are three types of color tables in the file: sequential, diverging, and qualitative. The qualitative tables are for labeling items and have around ten colors instead of the full complement of 256 colors.

Colors from [``]( by Cynthia A. Brewer, Geography, Pennsylvania State University. If you use the color tables in your work, she would like a citation (see 5. on [this]( page).

UPDATE: I [updated]( the color tables to fix problems with the qualitative color tables and added new routines to access the color tables.