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Monday, March 19th, 2007

NASA Mars virtual flyovers

These two virtual flyovers (over Spirit’s work site and over Opportunity’s work site) of Mars are amazing. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter used the “most powerful camera ever sent to another planet”, the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, to create the elevation model by taking pairs of images from slightly different angles. New Scientist has a […]

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Monday, March 12th, 2007

Revolution IDL

Revolution IDL is a nifty new tool created by Eduardo Iturrate at ITT VIS to create object graphics scenes. It can place text, images, various kinds of plots and polygons, and object graphics entities like clipping planes and lights into a scene. You can be translate, scale, and rotate all the objects in the scene […]

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Monday, March 5th, 2007

PyCon 2007

I got back from PyCon about a week ago. This was the first software conference I have gone to (I haven’t gone to a conference since attending math conferences in grad school). I have been splitting my time fairly equally between IDL and Python recently and the conference really helped me feel more comfortable in […]

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