Google Maps Version 2 lookup for ENVI I upgraded to Version 2 of the Google Maps API. The benefits of Version 2 of the API that are applicable for the ENVI lookup user routine are:

1. The Overview map control displays a collapsible overview map in the lower-right corner of the browser window.
2. The Javascript is half the size, so it should be a faster download.
3. Increased imagery resolution and coverage.
4. Other customization features make future enhancements to `MG_GOOGLE_LOOKUP` possible.

The best part is that all the changes are on the server side, so this will just happen automatically for those who are using `MG_GOOGLE_LOOKUP` already. If you for some reason want to keep using Version 1 of the Google Maps API, change the URL inside `MG_GOOGLE_LOOKUP` from `envi_lookup.html` to `envi_lookup1.html`.

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