About me

Michael Galloy I’m a software developer focusing on high-performance computing and visualization in scientific programming. I work mostly in IDL, but occasionally use C, CUDA, Python, bash scripting, etc.

I am currently a Research Mathematician at Tech-X Corporation. My projects involve maintaining several commercial products (all IDL libraries):

  1. GPULib (GPU accelerated IDL code),
  2. FastDL (mpiDL and TaskDL, parallel processing from within IDL), and
  3. the Remote Data Toolkit (easy to use OPeNDAP and netCDF bindings).

I also maintain and develop several open source projects in IDL. The most used are:

  1. IDLdoc (a utility for generating documentation from IDL source code),
  2. mgunit (a unit testing framework for IDL), and
  3. rIDL (a enhanced command line interface to IDL).

Last year I wrote a book, Modern IDL. It covers beginning through advanced topics in using IDL, including direct graphics, object-oriented programming, object graphics, and other techniques to get the most out of IDL. See the website for purchasing, sample chapter, code examples, and more.

For more details about me, see my CV and resume.


mgalloy at gmail dot com
1342 Marshall St. Apt A
Boulder, CO 80302