One thing that I have to do regularly is send people a link to a particular page of IDL's documentation. The problem is that I normally browse the local documentation from the `?` command a the IDL prompt which opens a local webpage in my browser, but is not accessible to someone else on their machine (the path is different depending on platform, version, etc.). What I needed was a way to translate local help URLs to URLs pointing at the online help at ``. Here is a bookmarklet, [Local to web IDL API], that does the translation: just drag it to your bookmarks bar and click it when on a local IDL help page and it should navigate to the corresponding `` documentation page. It doesn't do any error checking right now and it doesn't work for some of the pages that are not the syntax for a particular routine, but it has been very useful for me in the past few days. [Local to web IDL API]: javascript:(function(){name=location.href.substring(location.href.lastIndexOf('/')+1);name=name.substring(0,name.indexOf('.'));location.href=''+name+'.html';})(); "Local to web IDL API"