Not sure where I would ever use it, but I would love to be able to produce these [xkcd-style] plots in IDL, currently available in [Javascript with d3], [R], and [Python with matplotlib]. ![xkcd-style plot]( An [academic paper][sketchy-rendering] has been written about this and even provides a Processing implementation. From the abstract: > Results suggest that where a visualization is clearly sketchy, engagement may be increased and that attitudes to participating in visualization annotation are more positive. So it appears that a plot that looks like a sketch indicates to viewers that it is not a "final" product. [xkcd-style]: "xkcd-style charts in R, JavaScript, and Python" [Javascript with d3]: "XKCD-style plots in Javascript using D3" [R]: "Clegg vs Pleb: An XKCD-esque chart" [Python with matplotlib]: "XKCD-style Plots in Matplotlib" [sketchy-rendering]: "Sketchy rendering for information visualization"